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Acid Attacker 16 Years in Prison For "Muslim Hate Crime"

Acid Attacker Gets 16 Years in Prison For "Muslim Hate Crime" but Is It Enough?

A man who threw acid into the car of an aspiring model and her uncle has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

The incident took place as they waited at a red light last June in East London, and resulted in horrific injuries to their faces and necks. The man came forward a month after the attacks claiming he had a personality disorder and now CCTV footage has been released, showing John Tomlin committing the act.

Despite reportedly having no idea who his victims, Resham Khan, 21 and Jameel Mukhtar, 37, were, the pair suffered greatly. He believes that the event took place because they were of Pakistani heritage or because they appeared to be Muslims.

Khan had three skin grafts and her eyesight is permanently damaged. Mukhtar was burned so badly, he was put in an induced coma at the hospital. He is deaf in one ear, has damage in his right eye and extensive burns on his upper body, arms, legs, back, neck and face. He made a YouTube video speaking about the incident and calling it "a hate crime." The video, which was viewed more than 169,000 times, also received more than 1,500 comments condemning the crime.

In an interview with This Morning, Khan said that while the pain was so unbearable when she was admitted to hospital after the attack that she actually prayed she would die, she is now refusing to let this break her. Reham currently runs a blog where she advertises and sells her own brand of products that are non-toxic or invasive on the skin. She has shared her picture on her blog with and without make up.

Her bravery and ability to make something out of this hateful crime makes Twitter uses angrier about Tomlin's sentence. See what they had to say below.