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Beetroot Moutabal

If You Love Beetroot, You'll Love this Twist on Classic Moutabal

This Levantine take on the original roasted eggplant dip, Moutabal, uses beetroot as its star ingredient, and it couldn't get any better! Lebanese/ Armenian restautrant, Al Mayass at Sofitel, Downtown Dubai, was kind enough to give us the lowdown on one of thier authentic Levantine appetizers.

Beetroot Moutabal

Al Mayass

Beetroot Moutabal


  1. 200g Beetroot
    15g Sesame Paste (Tahina)
    1g Garlic (mashed)
    3g Lemon Salt


  1. Boil the beetroot till well cooked.
  2. Transfer the boiled beetroot to a mixer.
  3. Mix it well and strain it from the water.
  4. Transfer the strained beetroot to a bowl, add the sesame paste, garlic and lemon salt, mix it all together till well combined.
  5. Serve it cold.
If You Love Beetroot, You'll Love this Twist on Classic Moutabal  originally posted on POPSUGAR Food
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