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Chicken Wrap

A Chicken Wrap to Ensure You Get Plucky, Tonight

Feel like chicken tonight? This wrap from Roti Rollers is seasoned with Indian-inspired flavors for a sandwich that's not bland and cold.

"We found that there is a misconception that Indian food is cheap, low quality, and unhealthy," owner Ahsan Kahlon said. "There was no focus on branding and marketing by these establishments to change the perception, so we decided to seize the opportunity of this untapped market and create rolls that would challenge the conventional way people think about sandwiches and Indian food."

Under the direction of Master Chef, Samer, they've got a menu of fun-filled names including this Up All Night to Get Plucky. With two branches in Dubai, it's also available on Talabat, Deliveroo and Zomato.

"Up All Night to Get Plucky" Chicken Wrap

"Up All Night to Get Plucky" Chicken Wrap

Chicken Wrap


  1. 300g Tomato, chopped
  2. 1,000g Chicken tikka, chopped
  3. 300g Red onion, julienne
  4. 20g Red chili julienne
  5. 50g Lime (for juice)
  6. 100g Red bell pepper
  7. 400g Avocado, ripe
  8. 15g Cumin seed
  9. 100g Green coriander leaves
  10. 50g Parsley, curly leaves
  11. 20g Ginger, peeled
  12. 15g Garlic, peeled
  13. 15g Salt, cooking
  14. 5g Red Chilly powder
  15. 10g Coriander powder
  16. 5g Green chilly
  17. 30ml Oil, cooking refined



  1. Add little salt and flour, mix well, mix with Avocado flesh and mix well, make a soft dough using just enough water, cover and allow it to rest for 20 minutes, knead again using oily hands and divide into 5 equal portions.
  2. Roll out dough into thin roti, cook quickly on hot griddle without any fat, till its cooked without any brown spots appearing. Keep aside covered with a dry cloth until use.
  3. Blend together parsley, ginger, garlic with sale and green chilly till smooth chutney is achieved, keep in refrigerator.
  4. Cut bell pepper into julienne, 50g onion in to julienne and keep in refrigerator.
  5. Grind ginger and garlic to make paste.
  6. Chop tomato, coriander leaves, and 250g onion.
  7. Heat oil in a pan, saute chopped onion until brown, add ginger-garlic paste and cook till moisture evaporates, add chopped tomato, red chilly powder, coriander powder and cumin powder. continue cooking on slow heat till raw flavor is cooked out. Remove from heat, add salt to taste and allow to cool, blend till smooth sauce consistency is achieved, keep aside.
  8. Skewer and cook chicken tikka in oven/Tandoor for 15-20 minutes or till done, check by cutting with knife, it should ooze our clear juice and no raw texture of chicken should be visible.


  1. Spread Avocado Roti on a plate, spread onion-tomato sauce all over it. Spread chicken tikka in a row, on the Roti, sprinkle parsley chutney on it, top it with red bell pepper julienne and red onion julienne.
  2. Close roll, arranging ingredients as tightly as possible.
  3. Finish on hot panini grill or flat griddle till it has crisp sides with deep golden marks (25-30 seconds).
Image Source: Roti Rollers
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