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1 Woman Attempts to Cut Hair Using a Drone

LA-based YouTuber Simone Giertz, a.k.a., the savvy woman behind the hair-washing robot, has invented something new: a drone that cuts hair. Yeah, we know what you're thinking? How? And, is that safe? It was done with a scissors attached to the flying robot. She tested it on a Princess Ariel-inspired red wig, which is much safer than doing it on someone's head since (spoiler!) the invention is definitely not ready for market yet. Still, it's super entertaining to watch her to attempt this never-been-done-before task!

Keep reading to see Simone try to cut hair with a drone. Then, tell us: do you think this is the future of hair styling? Or are you hoping to never see that thing fly near your face? (We'll stick to the salon, thankyouverymuch!)

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