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5 Best Facial Sprays to Hydrate With this Summer

Quench Your Skin's Thirst This Summer With These Great and Affordable Facial Sprays

5 Best Facial Sprays to Hydrate With this Summer
Image Source: Supplied/ TonyMoly | Milk Makeup | Mario Badescu

After what seemed like a very long and confusing Winter in the Middle East, Summer is well and truly upon us, ladies. We're talking scorching sun, hot wind, melting ice-creams, makeup, and the like.

While we can't control the weather, we can control how we look under the sun and staying "hydrated" is at the top of our list. This summer, we're making sure we quench our skin's thirst just as we would our body's. And, a great way to do this is with facial sprays.

These underrated, neat little bottles are filled with all the good stuff you need to keep you from looking drained and dehydrated. You can keep one in your handbag or, at your work-desk for whenever you need a little spritz to refresh and cool down.

We've compiled a little list that caters to both those on the lookout for a new face spray and for those who have never tried them before.

To staying hydrated ladies!

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