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Beauty Products to Use in Your 30s

The Beauty Products I'm Using in My 30s That I Avoided in My 20s

Beauty Products to Use in Your 30s

About a year and a half ago, a major era in my life officially ended: my 20s. I'd love to tell you that the transition was a seamless one and that life as an official 30-something is not much different from my "golden years" — but that would be a big fat lie. The ushering of my 30s brought with it a slew of epiphanies, one of which involved my physical appearance. Like many 20-somethings, I went about my day and life with a sense of immortality. Things like moisturizer, SPF, and other skin protectors always took a backseat to more immediate beautifiers like fancy foundations, bronzer, bright-colored lipsticks, and all the mascara.

But once I turned 30, it seemed that almost immediately I found myself grappling with beauty issues that had never even crossed my mind as a carefree 20-year-old: the early stages of crow's feet, neck lines, adult acne, gray hairs, dull skin — all these fun little changes have been rearing their ugly heads, and I'm not loving it. And while my initial reaction was to panic and consider taking up permanent residence in the comfort and confines of my bed, I opted for the more mature move: being proactive.

I've devoted hours to researching 30-something skin and the beauty products needed to keep it looking and feeling healthy (and youthful!). It's safe to say my once-simple beauty routine has gotten quite the overhaul and now includes newcomers like night creams, retinol serums, peels, root cover-up, and no-nonsense sunscreen (hello, SPF 50). Keep reading for the products I swear by now!

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