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Best Natural Hair Moments of 2017

10 Natural Hair Moments That Will Make Your Heart Feel So Damn Full

Best Natural Hair Moments of 2017

2017 was a year of many things in beauty: insane highlighters, bizarre makeup trends, and more. But above all the glam (and not so glam) moments of the year, one thing is for sure: 2017's cup was overflowing with #blackgirlmagic.

This year, women of color said f*ck your beauty standards and truly embraced their gorgeous natural hair, and we were 100 percent here for it (pun intended). We've seen celebrities like Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson make bold statements about their God-given kinks, but the movement spanned way beyond red carpet stars. This year, we've seen natural hair flourish through the local online community and on some of the world's biggest stages (Hello, Miss Universe).

Ahead we've rounded up some of our favorite times natural hair and #blackgirlmagic shook sh*t up in the beauty world. Prepare for your heart to feel so full and cheers to 2018 (and beyond) being full of more beautiful, natural hair.

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