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Cardi B Makeup in Money Video

Cardi B's Makeup Artist Breaks Down the Beauty Looks in Her 'Money' Music Video

Cardi B Makeup in Money Video
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Fourteen seconds into Cardi B's new music video 'Money,' and you've already got an epic wardrobe change. Then another, just seven seconds later. Then 13 seconds later. Throughout the video, there are a total of eight different looks — each one as fierce as the next — and the only thing more attention-grabbing than the blinged-out lingerie and booty pops is the makeup. You can thank her makeup artist Erika La Pearl for that.

Like the song's name might have you believe, this means the products that went into creating Cardi's bold looks also took some $$$. "For this video, I decided to use one of my favorite brands, Pat McGrath," she told POPSUGAR. La Pearl kindly broke down a few of her favorite moments from the entire shoot for us ahead, and let's just say — she hit every single one of 'em right on the money.

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