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If You Want Clearer Skin, These 6 Foods Should Be Added To Your Menu, Now

Image Source: POP

We've gone to great lengths to discuss how what you eat effects your skin. Be it for a supple, glowing, or overall healthy looking palette, you can be sure we've catered our grocery lists to it. And yet, every so often, an acne outbreak still rears its head. Sure, you could reach for one of many superior spot treatments, but the frustration of having to face an unsightly pimple in the first place is . . . well, frustrating.

If you're like us (and we're betting you are), you've studied every acne face map on the web to no avail. Worry not. We tapped Dr. Helen Knagg, PhD., Vice President of Research and Development at Nu Skin, for answers. "Skin is your bodies largest organ. Just like any of your other organs, its health is dependent on what is taken into the body to provide it with the needed nutrients to function properly."

With 20 years of experience in skin care (including a a background in skin and hair biology, biochemisty, and pharmacology), we'd all be smart to heed her clear skin advice.

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