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DIY Green Tea Body Butter | Natural

DIY Your Own All-Natural Green Tea Body Butter

Green beauty. Why does it matter? If you're like any other breathing human, you probably care about what you put into your body — so why wouldn't you care about what you're putting on it? As "cosmetiphiles," we're constantly putting products on our faces and body, all in the name of beauty. But many of the ingredients within these products are detrimental for our health and have effects on our long-term vitality. Green beauty expert and New York Times bestseller Sophie Uliano made it her mission to teach men and women about red-flag cosmetic ingredients. And even though she does push for the most natural products out there, she knows it's all about being sensible.

So which products should you actually replace with green alternatives? And what makes a product "green"? Sophie breaks it all down.

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