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Drunk Boyfriend Narrates Beauty Tutorial

This Vlogger Let Her Drunk Boyfriend Narrate a Makeup DIY — and the Results Are Hilarious

The newest trend in YouTube makeup tutorials is unexpected voiceovers, and if you liked this dad-joke-filled version, you'll crack up at vlogger Casey Holmes's take. She opted to enlist her charming boyfriend Davis for the task, but he took the challenge one step further by pregaming with some moonshine. The result is a charmingly tipsy narration.

"Here, we're going to add a little bit of . . . eye stuff . . . to make my eyes ready to go," he slurred as Casey crafted a glittery smoky eye. "It's a look that you gotta go for if you're tryin' to say, 'Hey, I'm ready to party, but I'm also independent,' ya know what I'm saying?"

Davis's hilarious remarks are often punctuated with equally amusing emojis, captions, and sound effects, which Casey added in as responses to his jokes. This includes crickets chirping, "NOPE!" and the "thinking" emoji.

As the DIY progresses, it's clear that Davis has a pretty advanced understanding of makeup. He knows what highlighter and liquid lipsticks are and even understands the importance of false lashes.

"Do your contouring, and put on your eyelashes," he insisted as Casey went on with her tutorial. "That's like, the keys to success right there." Davis, we couldn't agree more. Prepare to crack up and watch the video for yourself.

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