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Eyebrow Extensions Video From Instagram

This Incredible 15-Second Video Will Convince You To Try Eyebrow Extensions

If you've ever gotten a bad brow job or were born with naturally sparse hairs, then you've probably experimented with different ways to enhance your arches. Powders, pencils, and other brow tools can be used to define your natural shape, but if you're not careful, the finished look can appear overdrawn or fake. Eyebrow tattoos have also been a popular option, but ink is a huge commitment that can end in a permanent disaster. Luckily for ladies in pursuit of Instagram-worthy arches, eyebrow extensions make it easy to fake fuller brows.

This incredible 15-second hyper lapse demonstrates the process. It's similar to eyelash extensions: tiny, individual pieces of hair are carefully glued onto your skin along the frame of your brows. Precise placement creates the illusion of thicker arches, resulting in a stronger shape. Not convinced? The extensions are practically undetectable and blend seamlessly into your real eyebrow hairs for a clean, polished appearance. See for yourself!

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