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Eyebrow Mistakes on Imgur

This Girl's Journey to Better Brows Is Completely Inspiring

Everyone has experienced their own trials and tribulations when it comes to eyebrows. Some of us may have suffered from overplucking, while others have filled them in too dark. But brows can be resilient and, with a little care, you can restore your arches, making them look better than ever.

When we think back on our own brow transformations, we get pretty emotional (how did we do that to ourselves?!), so when an Imgur user shared her five-year journey to achieving awesome arches, we truly related.

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The woman shared five different selfies, documenting all the different ways she has played with her brows, from drawing them on really thin to unnaturally thick. Though we applaud her for trying out these trendy techniques, we have to agree that the final look — and also the most natural — perfectly frames her face.

"I thank my lucky stars every day that they grew back in from what I had done to myself as a teenager," she wrote. We're nodding our heads in agreement; her brows are truly blessed!

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