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4 Fall Haircut Trends To Try in 2019

4 Haircut Trends You're Going to Fall Head Over Heels For This Fall

4 Fall Haircut Trends To Try in 2019

Think of this year's shift in haircut trends the same way you would a rom-com: you cheer when the protagonist cuts it off or gets blunt, but eventually, you're rooting for them to make room for romance. That's exactly what you can expect in the hair department this Fall.

"There's definitely a romantic inspiration," said Mark Townsend, hairstylist to the stars and Dove brand ambassador. "Trends aren't seasonal anymore — they transition from season to season but get updated slightly. So last Fall and even into Spring and Summer, we saw a lot of blunt haircuts with no layers. Those cuts don't give you as much versatility, so going into Fall, we're going to see a lot of the same lengths but with a lot of layers and movement. We're moving away from more sophisticated looks and seeing more fun, romantic haircuts."

From shaggier bobs to Boho-inspired styles, Townsend is breaking down the four haircut trends you're going to fall in love with this season. Prepare to be wooed.

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