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Healthy Hair Tips

7 Things Women With Really Healthy Hair Always Do

Healthy Hair Tips
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Steph Wong

I love getting compliments on my hair. It's not because I think I have better strands than anyone else, but rather I take it as a reflection of the hard work I put into keeping it at optimal health. First, I've never colored my mane, leaving it in a state stylists refer to as "virgin." Second, I treat my scalp care like skin care — hydrating and moisturizing it in a routine way (co-washes during the week to preserve my curls, deep-conditioning masks on Sundays).

Celebrity hairstylist and Dove ambassador Mark Townsend agreed with this philosophy when we met up at a recent event. "Would you ever skip moisturizer and sunscreen on your skin? No," he said. "You should never skip either conditioner, or at least like a leave-in cream."

You've seen his work atop the heads of A-listers such as the Olsen sisters, Dakota Johnson, and (my personal idol) Lea Michele. Being the hair junkie I am, I decided to quiz Townsend on all of his Hollywood secrets to getting truly beautiful locks. I discovered I was doing several things right (sleeping on a satin pillow case, not shampooing every day), and I also picked up some new hacks (such as using dry shampoo in lieu of hairspray). Keep reading, and start taking notes — you may have some hair homework to do!

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