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How to Apply Makeup During Chemotherapy | Video

The Results of This Chemotherapy Patient's Makeup Transformation Will Make You Tear Up

Yes, we love picking out the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on our list, but this time of year is really about two things: spending time with those near and dear to you, and giving back to those in need. In one empowering video, makeup artist Nadine Ioana accomplished both. The talented woman partnered with her mother, a chemotherapy patient, to produce a makeup tutorial.

Ioana shared that when working with someone undergoing chemotherapy, it is extremely important to properly hydrate and treat the skin. Even more essential is the careful application of false eyelashes. "The client won't have any natural eyelashes at all, so they can be uncomfortable if they're not applied correctly," she explained.

The finished result is astounding. Not only are we impressed by how natural her mom's brows look (Ioana drew them on from scratch!), but her mother appears superconfident and empowered at the end of the video, when the two struck a few poses. Fans were just as inspired by Ioana's magic touch — many took to the artist's Instagram account to share well wishes and prayers. Watch the above video and prepare to tear up!

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