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How to Save Dried Out Cream Makeup

This Easy Hack Will Bring Dried-Out Cream Makeup Back to Life

Beauty junkies know that this addiction isn't a cheap one. Every time news breaks of an exciting launch or a limited-edition gift set, we say goodbye to our hard-earned money and hello to our next obsession. That makes the loss of a product all the more devastating.

We're not talking about misplacing your favorite gloss or shattering your go-to blush — though those are heartbreaking occurrences. No, far worse is uncapping your brow cream or gel liner only to discover that the formula has dried out, rendering it unusable.

However, all is not lost. Instagram user alannized demonstrated how mixing eye drops into your beloved product can bring it back to life. He squeezes a bit of the solution onto the surface of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($18) and then uses his angled brush to apply the now-creamy mousse onto his arches.

If you try this at home, we recommend taking your technique one step further by adding even more eye drop liquid and utilizing a small spatula to mix it thoroughly into your cream formula. After it's fully absorbed, the makeup will be almost as good as new.

To prevent it from drying out again, be sure to always tighten the cap once you've finished applying it. Still nervous? During your morning beauty routine, consider placing your open eyeliner jar face down on the counter. This will ensure that the product isn't exposed to any extra air, preserving it even longer.

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