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How to Upgrade Your Lashes

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Lashes

How to Upgrade Your Lashes

If you're a makeup minimalist looking for the most impact in the fewest steps, tszuj-ing up your lashes can pretty much change the game for you. If you already know the transformative power of a pair of falsies, this is in no way groundbreaking. There is, however, always some kind of upgrade that can be made — even for lash pros.

Of course, professionally-applied extensions are the easiest and longest-lasting option to wear, but that method comes with a commitment and level of care that not everyone is up for.

If your hands shake at the thought of properly applying a lash strip, you're not alone — but that's no reason for you to be banished to boring eyes for eternity. Instead, try one of the following ideas. We guarantee at least one will match your skill level.

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