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How to Use Tape For Perfect Lipstick

How to Use Tape For a Clean, Crisp Lipstick Application Every Time

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Thanks to Huda Kattan, we learned to finally master a seamless contour and highlight by using Scotch tape. We'd also been utilizing the sticky stuff to guarantee a crisp, even cat eye. Now, thanks to the writers at, we're putting this office supply to another beauty use: perfecting our lipstick.

Liquid lipsticks like Kylie's Lip Kit can be notoriously challenging to apply. If the formula is just the slightest bit runny, it will spread past your lip line — and because the products dry quickly and are superdurable, they make cleaning the edge difficult. Using tape to rectify this issue is a simple but effective concept! Just stick strips of tape around the outline of your mouth to create a stencil. Apply your lip color, then remove the tape. You'll reveal a crisp, flawlessly defined pout.

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