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Is Huda Kattan Paid for Instagram Posts?

Huda Kattan Denies Being Paid for Instagram Posts

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We all know that Instagram isn't always what it appears to be--from staged photo shoots to edited images, a big part of presenting oneself on the Web is faking it.

One of the world's biggest beauty bloggers, Huda Kattan, denies that her content is anything but authentic, though, after multiple publications accused the entrepeneur of making up to $18,000 (AED 66,000) per Instagram post.

Not only does Huda claim that the monetary amount is way too high (she says she refused to do a post for a product she loved for $150,000 just last week), but also that no media outlet even reached out to her to fact check the initial report.

Huda responded to the reports with a one-minute long video posted to her social media accounts, in which she addressed her fans and denied the reports that she is posting for money.

The claim that Huda takes home a nice sum with each photo she posts first circulated about a week ago, when Hopper HQ came out with its first ever "Instagram Rich List." Huda was ranked the top earning influence on Instagram.

Check out the rest of the report right here.

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