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Indian Wedding Makeup DIY

This Indian Bridal Makeup Look Is Perfect For Any Wedding

Indian Wedding Makeup DIY
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While most American women walk down the aisle on their wedding day in a white dress with a romantic, rose-hued makeup look, Indian American ladies tend to look more vibrant. The latter get dolled up in traditional outfits — belly-baring tops, flaming red beaded skirts, bold-colored diamond jewelry, and stunning headpieces known as tikkas. To complement such an eye-catching outfit, Indian women also typically wear more statement-making makeup looks — think seriously smoky eyes and a punchy lip.

We were schooled on the topic by a true expert in the community, Karuna "KC" Chani, who is the It makeup artist for Indian women. Here, she dreamed up a breathtaking bridal beauty look that combines traditional Indian concepts with modern American beauty trends. She mixed the conventional — like jet-black matte eyeliner — with updated ideas, such as swapping standard red lipstick for coral.

If you, too, want to wear a fusion of trends, then you need to do your homework. "Definitely look at the latest American magazines and also the traditional Indian magazines," Chani advised. "First and foremost, find an outfit that complements your skin tone. From there, the makeup has to enhance the outfit, not compete with it. You also don't want to match the outfit — which is really old fashioned and dated. You want to remain ethereal."

Keep reading to discover more makeup tips from Chani and see how she made over our model to look like a stunning bride.

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