Kat Von D Has Launched A New Vegan Mascara And We Want Three, Please

25/03/2019 - 08:51 AM

Beauty lovers and vegans unite! Kat Von D has announced her latest animal-free product and it's one that we are all dying to get our hands on! What's the product you ask? An extreme, long lasting mascara – fittingly called "Go Big or Go Home".

Personally speaking, we didn't even know that mascara wasn't vegan but, a quick Google Search told us that it's made using beeswax – you learn something new every day.

Kat Von D | Go Big or Go Home Mascara  [1]

Supplied/ Sephora

The volumizing, intensifying, smudge and flake proof beauty product is made using sunflower and olive oils along with the blackest of black pigments to create your new best friend. While the applicator, inspired by a round bristle hairbrush, creates a super volumized blown-out look for your lashes.

Kat Von D [2]

Supplied/ Sephora

Priced AED120, Go Big or Go Home is set to hit Sephora shelves across the Middle East on April 19. And, yes, it will be made available online then, too.

While we wait, here's a list of our three favorite products crafted by the tattoo guru and vegan beauty maven.

24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade

Why We Love It: It's long lasting, waterproof, comes in a number of shades which cater to all skin tones, and is practically weightless.

Fun Fact: Von D created the pomade after failing to find some that was waterproof and had right intensity. Such a boss.

Price: AED90 | Click here [3] to buy yours

Alchemist Holographic Palette

Why We Love It: The packaging is just as dope as the products. We credit our shiny shimmer to this bad boy, which features shades for your eyes, lips, and face.

Fun Fact: The product was inspired by the ancient science of alchemy – the art of turning natural materials into precious elixir.

Price: AED55 | Click here [4] to buy yours

Lock-It Setting Powder

This magical powder is the reason why our face doesn't transfer after we hug someone. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Fun Fact: The jar's sifter holes are arranged in the shape of a star

Price: AED175 | Click here [5] to buy yours

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