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Kylie Cosmetics Gets Failing Grade Better Business Bureau

Kylie Cosmetics Got a Failing Grade From the Better Business Bureau

Since Kylie Jenner launched her line of Lip Kits, there has been a slew of complaints. From faulty products to kits not arriving at all, customers have expressed doubt over the hype. While the latter issue could be due to theft caused by the recognizable packaging, questions about her business practice remain.

The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit that reviews the favorability of retailers, recently gave Kylie Cosmetics a failing grade because of the onslaught of grievances the company has received. Out of the seven reviews, six were negative. There were 133 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and the majority (69 of them) had to do with delivery issues.

While Kylie Cosmetics has addressed the packaging problem, other gripes focused on the product itself. According to the site, "the pattern of complaint allegations continues" as of June 23. Given that Kylie has such a loyal following of fans (and she has plans to open a retail store!), we can only hope she takes these complaints more seriously.

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