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Lash Tinting Review and Photo

I Tinted My Lashes, and They Are Awesome

This is what my eyelashes look like right now, sans mascara, eyeliner — anything. I got my eyelashes tinted for the first time a week ago, and I think my life may be irrevocably changed. I've always had light brown lashes that got invisible toward the ends, but I never realized just what a huge difference dyeing them could make. Then BellaTV did an episode on lash tinting, and it really piqued my interest. So I went to a salon in my neighborhood that had tinting advertised for $15, sat in a chair with my eyes closed for 15 minutes (it didn't hurt at all, which was a huge relief), and opened them to natural, fan-like lashes that require zero maintenance. I was worried that dyeing them would dry them out or cause breakage, but I haven't seen any so far. I've been putting a little Vitamin E on once in a while just in case, though. So far, they're amazing, and if you have blond or brown lashes, they come highly recommended.

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