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Lip Stamping Tutorial

Lip Stamping Will Be Your New Favorite Makeup Hack

Art used to be reserved for galleries until nail techs around the world joined forces to make it poppin' on social media. And now it seems as if nail art has taken a back seat to the insanely popular lip art we see. It's intricate, it's mesmerizing, it's frankly unbelievable: how can someone be that talented? How can they create these amazing design and portraits on their own lips?

While I'm not an artist, I do think I'm privy to a good hack, and I love makeup. I wanted to get in on the fun! So instead of longing after these gorgeous designs, I decided to create one of my own. But there's no need to freehand anything — because I can testify that mine would look like a hot mess — instead, head to your local craft store and pick up some tiny stamps like they use to tag your wrist when you enter a bar.

Apply your favorite matte lipstick in a bold shade. I strongly suggest matte because it will keep the design from moving in the end; the design will look more precise, too. Then take a metallic eyeliner (one in gold or silver will do). Apply it heavily to the stamp, and make sure to really load it up. It shouldn't be dripping, but it should be heavy. Then get stamping!

Listen, I know the stamp method isn't perfect, but I think it creates an eye-catching look almost instantly, and even if it's not perfect, it looks cool! Let me know some of your favorite lip artists in the comments below.

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