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Lord Voldemort Body Art Transformation

This Artist Totally Aced Her Transfiguration O.W.L. With This Magical Voldemort Body Art

A Harry Potter Timelapse Drawing by Jody Steel Thanks for commenting and sharing! I plan to post videos on Tuesday and Saturday. Be sure to give suggestions below for any new timelapse drawing ideas!

Posted by Jody Steel on Saturday, December 19, 2015

When writing for a beauty site, you come across plenty of insane transformations — but none so crazy as this Lord Voldemort body art by Jody Steel! Using skin-friendly paint pens, Steel essentially transfigured the back of a man's head into the Harry Potter villain. While she'd undoubtedly be disturbed by the Quirrell-like addition to the man's dome, we're sure that Professor McGonagall would recommend an "outstanding" grade for Steel's transfiguration O.W.L. exam!

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