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Lycon Wax Benefits

This Is the Far Superior Form of Hair Removal

I've long championed the use of Lycon wax, ever since my sister's beauty school pal asked me to volunteer for a training session many years ago, I've always gone for it over the hotter and thinner options which can wreak havoc with your skin.

I'd been burned in delicate areas and had to return to the salon just a couple of weeks later when hair hadn't been removed in the best way but there really is no going back one you've tried Lycon.

Instead of applying scorching runny wax to the skin and ripping it off using strips of paper, the brand relies on a low temperature and super pliable material to get follicles out of the skin. It's formulated with natural resins, pure beeswax and aromatherapy oils so it actually conditions the skin.

"Strip wax and Lycon are both hot waxes, however, Lycon incorporates unique natural ingredients which not only provides epilation but also a skin treatment," Jade Parkinson, a training specialist, told POPSUGAR Middle East.

I get mine done at the Rami Jabali salon in Dubai's JBR where therapists apply an oil to the area beforehand so the procedure hurts less. Their technique involves no double dipping of sticks into the heated wax pot (so it's very hygienic) and they'll often fan or blow the area to cool it down once applied. This makes the wax harden quicker, alternatively they start applying wax to another area as one cools down. This waxing procedure is practically pain-free compared to threading or epilation but the therapists also press their gloved hand over the skin immediately after the hair is removed (it really does minimize the pain!). Afterwards, an aloe vera product is applied to soothe.

The whole process might be slightly more expensive than other methods but it's totally worth it.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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