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Madelaine Petsch Skincare Interview

The Treatment Madelaine Petsch Uses to Get Cheryl Blossom-Worthy Lips

Getty / Phillip Faraone

The Riverdale plot line I'm most enthralled by? The trajectory of Cheryl Blossom's lips. Although Madelaine Petsch is only 23 years old, she's already somewhat famous with her character's plump, smoldering pout. But her lips aren't sealed when it comes to discussing her famous asset. In fact, the newest Bioré spokesperson spilled some major beauty tea (and coffee) when I had the chance to interview her at NYC's Crosby Street Hotel.

When it comes to skin care, Petsch says she's addicted to Bioré's Baking Soda Acne Scrub ($8). She admits to being a "triple-washer kind of girl" when it comes to most cleansers, but it's just one and done with this salicylic acid-infused option. "Usually when you use foamy cleansers, you don't feel like it really got into your pores," she said. "With this, I feel like my face is really cleansed."

"The red lipstick is a lot to look at in the mirror. I get a little scared to look at myself."

But her lipcare routine is a little more involved. "A lot of people ask if my lips are real," she told me with a slight eye-roll. "It's none of their business, but yes." Madelaine stumbled upon her preferred pout exfoliant quite accidentally when she was home sick, googling how to treat chapped lips. Most of the recipes she read called for sugar, but she wasn't down for that. "I don't like using a sugar scrub," she confessed. "Why would I want to intake more sugar if I can avoid it?"

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Then Madelaine found a treatment that was made of coffee. As a caffeine addict, she knew she'd found the one. "I always have coffee," she admitted. "It's my one addiction. I used to drink six cups a day." To pamper her pout, Madelaine mixes coffee grounds with coconut oil or honey and then scrubs it over her mouth to keep things exfoliated.

And even though her beloved character is heavy-handed on the crimson rouge (Lime Crime Red Velvet, to be exact!), off-duty Madelaine doesn't follow suit. "The red lipstick is a lot to look at in the mirror," she said. "I get a little scared to look at myself." That's why she prefers what she calls Cheryl's "going-to-bed look." "Her natural look is my glam look," Madelaine laughed. "Who wears that much makeup going to bed?"

That's why on the red carpet, you'll often see Madelaine opting for a mauve or slightly rosy lip color. She's a fan of Urban Decay's Naked 2 Lip Pencil ($10, originally $20) and MAC's Burnt Spice Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick ($21). Just one look at her working the hue, and we're totally sold too:

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