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Makeup Artist Transforms Child Into Drag Queen

Beauty Junkies Will Coo Over This Little Boy Who Loves Makeup

If you're a true beauty junkie, you likely grew up begging your parents to let you play with cosmetics . . . even if you were still in elementary school. This little makeup maven you see below can relate. Ethan is just eight years old, but to our surprise and delight, his mother fully supports his obsession despite his tender age.

We learned of this talented tot via Joey Killmeyer, a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist who met Ethan his first day on the job. Joey was filling in for another artist that day, but declares that it was meant to be that he worked with Ethan. "It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different," he explained in a Facebook post. According to Joey, he painted one side of Ethan's face, but the eight-year-old did the other. "He wanted to learn drag makeup . . . he is a very talented guy," he said.

While we were terrified that this post was opening up Ethan to attacks by insensitive Internet citizens, we were happy to see that many were as supportive as his mother. "Girls are gonna be jealous of those brows little man #slay," said Facebook user Jordan Hart. "The only anger I have about this post is that this little boy' makeup looks better than mine," cracked user Lexi Lane.

We're hopeful that Ethan ends up hosting a very successful YouTube channel in the future. He has serious skills and we'd love to learn techniques from him. But above all, we're glad to see that he's allowed to experiment with makeup. A man (or boy) playing with makeup doesn't say anything about his sexuality — it expresses his artistry and audacity. So do you, Ethan! And please teach us the secrets of your plum eyebrows on fleek.

A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one. I was not originally...
Posted by Joey Killmeyer on Sunday, January 3, 2016

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