Meghan Markle's First Updo As Duchess Proves She Can Do More Than a Messy Bun

23/05/2018 - 10:06 AM

Meghan Markle [1] and Prince Harry delayed their honeymoon to celebrate Prince Charles' 70th birthday [2], and so Meghan could show us she's got the whole royal hair thing down. OK, that last part is just my speculation, but I can't help but compare Meghan's tightly coiffed chignon with her controlled wedding day messy bun [3]. So, to all the type A-ers out there who lose their sh*t upon seeing the Duchess' loose tendrils: relax. Harry's got himself a girl who can do both structured and ethereal.

While giggling with her in-laws [4] outside of Buckingham Palace, Meghan sported a low side bun that was tightly wrapped and secured. It was the perfect palette for her wide-brimmed white hat, and with her hair pulled back we got a glimpse of the Duchess' subtle highlight. Not sure if that shine comes from an actual product or is just a post-wedding glow, though.

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