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Millennial Beauty Brands

10 Dope Beauty Brands All Millennials Should Know

Millennial Beauty Brands

Millennials get a lot of undeserved flack. Older generations call us lazy and glued to our phones, but it's simply not true (OK — maybe that last bit is accurate). We're passion-driven, and when that passion is beauty, you can bet that we'll test anything and everything in the name of finding our holy grail products. More importantly, there's no color too weird or trend too intense for us — who did you think was responsible for the rainbow hair craze? (Millennials, obvs.)

After we've scoured social media, the Internet, and every cosmetics purveyor at our disposal for the best swag out there, we flaunt our findings. Selfies on Instagram and Snapchat are where we typically show off the goods, but we've decided to show off our favorites here. It wouldn't be fair to keep our beauty secrets to ourselves! Some brands were started by our fellow millennials, while some are responsible for viral must haves, but all of them are worthy of your select stash.

Facebook Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO

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