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Nail Polish Mountain Video

This Is What Your Nails Will Look Like With Over 100 Coats Of Polish

If you thought painting your nails with more than two coats of polish would result in a sticky disaster, just imagine what 116 coats look would like (if you're imagining insane. . . you're correct).

YouTube nail artist Christine Rotenberg of Simply Nailogical, was challenged by her fans to paint her nails with every polish color she owns. She wouldn't be a famed beauty star with over 1 million YouTube followers if she didn't accept the test (and plus, who doesn't like a good challenge?). So she embarked on a day of layering on as many different lacquers as she could.

Christine sat in her office chair for nearly 12 hours, only briefly stopping to sip coffee and gnaw on pizza, and upon applying her final color, polish mountain was born. The final result resembled a gross hump-like glob of polish, similar in shape to bubble nails but significantly more goopy and WTF-worthy than the bubble style.

Watch the hilarious video of Christine completing the challenge like a champion. And don't be too surprised if you see other nail enthusiasts trying to out-paint her record!

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