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Rebecca Treston Euromed Clinic Dubai Sells Blood Moisturizer

The Clever Reason People Are Making Moisturizers From Their Own Blood

You've probably heard of the "Vampire Facial" - a procedure much loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian - whereby blood cells are injected into the face to help renew skin. But this service being offered in Dubai takes that to the next level. Now customers at Euromed Clinic can make a moisturizer out of their own blood, and it means regenerating the skin with no risk of allergic reactions you might get from a shelf-bought product.

It's all done using Concentrated Growth Factor therapy which basically breaks the components of blood down using a centrifuge (essentially an oven that spins the vial around until the red and yellow elements separate).

Beauty therapist and laser technician Rebecca Treston believes that the answer to youthful skin is already within us in the form of healing proteins, and if her clients are anything to go by- the region's influencers and Middle Eastern Royalty all regularly seek her services - we believe here.

Not only does Rebecca allow you to take home the secret to beauty in a little jar, she can also use the same blood extracting method as an alternative to Botox. The dermal fillers can boost collagen and connective tissue, as a result wrinkles, dark circles and even acne scars can disappear over time. Despite using numbing cream (applied for 20 minutes) to make the experience less painful, there's no denying it's an uncomfortable procedure in the less fatty areas of the face so perhaps the moisturizer is a better option for some people.

The whole visit to Euromed for a CGF session only takes around two hours of your time but customers must be prepared not to wear makeup for at least the rest of the day. An immediate side effect is a puffy appearance, so go equipped with a large pair of sunglasses and a hat because you won't want to bump into anyone yow know afterwards!

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