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Should I Get Tinted Windows on My Car?

Surprise! Your Car Could Be the Reason Your Skin's Aging Prematurely

In a region where summers are skin-singeing hot, heading out into the sun without adequate skin protection is not the cleverest idea. The extent of damage exposure to UV rays and heat can cause to your skin is vast. They can increase the risk of skin cancer as well as accelerate aging. Things are even worse inside your car where heat can get trapped and make the impact even more pronounced.
One easy way to prevent these hazards is high-quality window tinting for your car. Here's how an un-tinted ( or shoddily-tinted) car poses potential skin problems …

  1. It can increase chances of serious skin diseases: While back-alley tints may be cheaper they do not block harmful UV rays. Excessive and extended exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer globally and the prevalence of the disease is only on the rise. Good quality tint films can cut up to 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays, keeping your skin safe.
  2. It can cause sunburn: Driving around in an un-tinted car can cause reddish skin and uneven tanning; not a cool look by any stretch. Areas that are directly exposed to the sun, such as your arms and parts of your face can get a patchy appearance. A car with no tints in the summer is like a greenhouse and can trap the heat to an extent where the temperature inside the vehicle can be almost twice that of the ambient temperature. Infrared rays are one of the main factors that intensifies heat inside the vehicle. A good quality tint film can reject heat by a factor of 60 percent and as much as 97 percent of heat-producing infrared rays.
  3. It can cause premature aging: You love your skin and wouldn't dream of lounging on the beach without UV protection, however, did you know that certain UV rays that you're exposed to in a car can accelerate the onset of wrinkles? Most do not give it the tiniest thought how once we get inside a concealed area with large glass sections (i.e. our cars) the effect of UV rays and heat are magnified. A good tint film can have an SPF factor of over 1,000, as well as 99.9 percent UV rays rejection. This helps protect your skin from premature aging caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

"Most people don't give it a second thought but exposure to UV rays in an un-tinted car, or a car with ineffective cheap tint films, can cause serious skin problems," Jason Wells Regional Business Leader, Safety & Graphics Division, 3M Gulf Ltd. said. "3M tint films are designed to block 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays. Investing in a good quality tint film is as important as wearing sunscreen when you're out and about in the day."

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