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Skin Care Hacks

These 21 Hacks Will Have Your Looking Sizzling Hot all Summer Long

Skin Care Hacks
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You can always count on pimples and other breakout nightmares to appear right before a big event — weddings, work parties, and even on your birthday (ugh!). While it can be a bummer to deal with it, there are often easy fixes for your skin care issues . . . often the supplies and solutions are sitting in your own kitchen!

Recently, right before traveling, I was plagued with two under-the-skin pimples, which are not only painful but often take days to go away. The temporary solution would have been to leave them alone and hide them with concealer, foundation, or a light BB cream, but a face full of products seemed like it would only aggravate the zits even more. So I switched it up and tried the warm tea bag hack, hoping it would make everything go away in 48 hours. This true lazy-girl method (I held the bags on my nose while watching a movie) worked like magic, making both pimples disappear completely, save for a little redness.

If you know about this trick, then chances are you're interested in other simple solutions to fix all your Summer skin care woes. Sweat, dirt, and the sun bring out a fresh set of skin stressors, and to help combat this, we rounded up 21 easy hacks anyone can do in minutes. Read on to see how you can target those troubled spots!

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