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Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Nothing is Better Than These 3 Easy Stranger Things Costume Ideas

We were a step ahead with our Harley Quinn costume last year, which Google named the #1 Halloween costume of 2015. Of course, we're sure Harleen will be back on top of the list after Margot Robbie's downright crazy (and shall we say, sexy) portrayal of the character in this year's Suicide Squad.

That said, if anything can trump HQ, it's Stranger Things. Whether you related to Eleven's naive yet take-matters-into-her-own hands attitude, Barb's apathy for fitting in, or you really dig the 80's (and Winona!), Stranger Things took over the internet and our hearts. (Sappy, yet true.)

That's why the show makes for perfect Halloween costumes: it contains easy-to-recognize characters that are beloved by the masses, and the best costumes are the ones you don't have to explain to people. We chose three of our favorites from the cast: Dustin, Barb and, of course, Eleven.

Check out the video on how to easily re-create each character, and let us know in the comments what you're dressing up as for Halloween.

Dustin: @KirbieJohnson
Barb: @RosengardenGlam

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