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Thoughts You Have While Shopping at Sephora

33 Thoughts You Have While Shopping at Sephora

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Sephora is a freaking wonderland — nobody will ever convince us otherwise. Where else can you check everything off of your shopping list and discover your new favorite beauty products all in one trip? Because, let's face it, nobody can ever go into that store for one thing . . . you're bound to walk out with at least one goodie that you never knew you needed (until you saw it on those glorious, colorful shelves of course). Basically, everything is better at Sephora.

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If you're a Sephora-holic, it not only means you have excellent taste; it also means you've experienced this exact thought process when you walk through the doors of your local store.

  1. There it is: the promised land!
  2. Sorry in advance, bank account.
  3. It smells like heaven in here. I wish my house smelled like this!
  4. I wonder if I could create a Sephora-scented candle?
  5. Ooh, they restocked! Look at all this new stuff!
  6. When I die, just wrap me in a black and white bag and bury me in Sephora.
  7. OK, OK, down to business. I'm here for bronzer.
  8. But how could I buy bronzer without getting a new highlighter to complement it?
  9. It would basically be a crime.
  10. And I can always use another lipstick!
  11. Or four.
  12. Alright, 12. Fine.
  13. And those Urban Decay eyeliners would go perfectly with these lippies!
  14. I'll just try some swatches and only pick my very favorite.
  15. Sh*t. They're all great.
  16. And now my hand looks like a unicorn puked on it.
  17. Guess I've got to buy them all.
  18. I've got to go to the checkout RIGHT. FREAKIN'. NOW. if I want to leave this place alive.
  19. Awww, but the perfumes and dry shampoos are in the back!
  20. Nobody will know. I'm doing it.
  21. God, I've got no self-control. Not today, self! Payday isn't for another week.
  22. *grabs a new dry shampoo anyway*
  23. Back to the line, back to the line.
  24. Dammit, I forgot they keep all this adorable tiny stuff around the line!
  25. How can I resist a lil' baby nail polish set?
  26. Or a new hand-mirror? Come on.
  27. Travel-sized lip stains?! Count me in!
  28. Oh god, it's time to check out — I'm not going to buy groceries for a month.
  29. Yikes, I'm asking for a raise on Monday.
  30. #WorthIt.
  31. I can't wait to go home and test all these new products. Makeup party, here I come!
  32. Crap, I forgot the bronzer I came in here for.
  33. Guess I'll be back tomorrow!
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