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Tips For Growing Out Hair

6 Lessons Celebs Taught Us About How to Grow Out Hair

Tips For Growing Out Hair
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Growing out your hair can be a painstaking process. The time it takes to get to the desired length can take months, if not well over a year, and unfortunately it can sometimes be hard to feel like your fabulous self.

I'm in the middle of growing out a pixie cut, and I'll admit there were moments where I felt pretty dorky. Since there's no way I was going to stand for feeling so frumpy, I decided to see how celebrities handle growing out their hair. While there is nothing that will speed up the process, I've picked up some tricks along the way that made me still feel stylish and put-together. So whether you're growing out a buzz cut or just want a few more inches for your beach-wave mane, these six tips will help you feel amazing while you wait.

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