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Tips For Healthy and BeautifulTeeth From ConfiDent Dubai

13 Things to Know About Getting the Best Smile in the GCC

ConfiDent Dental & Skin Care Clinic recently opened their doors in Dubai's Jumeirah neighborhood. The facility is home to some of the best dentists around and gives patients access to one-day dentistry on procedures like veneers (something that has never seen such a quick turn-around time before in the GCC.

POPSUGAR Middle East spoke to the experts to find out tips on how to get the best smile in the region.

1. Teeth whitening can last anywhere from 6-24 months...

"If somebody's a heavy smoker and drinks lots of red wine, their teeth will deteriorate so they might do it twice a year," General Dentis, Dr Anton de Waal, says. "If someone has a clean lifestyle their tooth color will actually stay for 18 months to two years."

General Dentist, Dr Benny Sjobergm, adds: "If you're whitening three shades they'll probably go back one shade in a year. Teeth with a lot of enamel whiten better because the dentine underneath is always a little bit yellow. If you have thick enamel, the dentine underneath won't be touched by the whitening material. It depends on the mineral content in the teeth. If you start off with very white teeth you'll only get a subtle effect."

2. But in-office whitening isn't necessarily better than at-home...

"Home tooth whitening is better for people with perfect teeth (young people) because you can use a lower concentration for a longer period of time. The sensitivity is less but the results are quite nice. It's about the same as in-office whitening," Dr Anton believes.

3. Still, make sure you choose your at-home kit wisely…

"There are some beauty salons selling whitening systems and they don't really know what they're doing," Dr Benny reveals. "I'm from Sweden and the UK where the market is regulated heavily and you can't sell products damaging to the teeth. I think the market over here is more let loose, so you can come across systems that might not be suitable to use."

4. Sometimes it not actually teeth whitening that you need...

"A regular visit to the hygienist is important because a lot of the time what appears to be darker teeth is actually staining on top of the teeth that can be polished off," Dr Anton shares. Teeth whitening still helps but professional cleaning does a lot more to give you that brighter smile. An electric tooth brush gives you that same result."

Dr Benny adds that professional cleaning is key before going for whitening: "Go to the hygienist because you can get some tartar build-up which prevents the gel from touching the teeth. It can leave yellow streaks where the tartar is."

5. Your toothbrush means everything…

"Get an electric toothbrush," Dr Benny says. "Braun's Oral B is very nice and Sonicare, they do the same thing but in different ways. If you handle electronic toothbrushes correctly, they clean very well but leave the gums alone so you don't get gum recession."

6. And so does your toothpaste...

"Use a good toothpaste that isn't too abrasive. I'm not sponsored by them but I like Oral B and Crest," Dr Benny recommends. "They're the first ones who added polyphosphate granules to their toothpaste. Take your toothpaste between your fingers and if it feel like sand don't use it. Then you might as well buy sandpaper and paper down your teeth, it's very abrasive. Oral B and Crest feel very sandy but it's something call polyphosphate granules, they're very soft and feel rough but as soon they hit saliva they dissolve and lift discoloration from your teeth."

7. You shouldn't brush your teeth straight after eating to reduce staining...

"Rinsing with water straight away makes a big difference because in a restaurant you're not going to get up and brush your teeth. You should never brush your teeth straight after a meal because the acids are attacking your teeth. If you take a toothbrush to it you can actually remove the soft layer of enamel. The recommendation is to wait 20 minutes so that the PH in your mouth goes back to normal," Dr Anton recommends.

8. Here's what you shouldn't eat and drink after whitening...

"The first 48 hours, try to avoid anything that would stain a white shirt. There's a lot of excess oxygen in your teeth which is highly absorbing," Dr Anton says.

9. But coffee ISN'T your worst enemy…

"Avoid tea, it's very staining," Dr Benny reveals. "Coffee is more black in color but isn't as staining as tea. Look in a tea mug after a little while and it gets black, you don't get that in coffee."

Dental Hygienist, Dr Abida Malik, adds: "Even with foods that we eat, you can see the oil gets stained."

10. If you grind your teeth, help is at hand…

"Teeth can get ground all the way down to the root or the enamel comes off and dentine begins to show, causing server sensitivity," Dr Abi says. "For things like that we make night guards. The models are made immediately by taking impressions of the patients, like a retainer but stronger. People who clench at night don't realize they're doing it."

11. And if you are thinking about getting veneers…

"You can't build a house on a swamp because it will fail. You have to sort out the problems and then build on a solid base," Dr Benny says about making sure you have a healthy mouth before a good-looking smile.

12. But there's no point in whitening them...

"Filling, veneers and crowns won't change color with whitening, only enamel. It's safe but won't have an effect," Dr Anton shares.

13. And remember, dental hygiene comes before a glowing smile…

"If your mouth is not healthy, surely there's something else going on in the body. It effects our mouth, kidneys… I show my patients how to brush and floss their teeth (and why it's so important to floss)," Dr Abi explains. "If your gums are bleeding disease is present because healthy gums never bleed. You have to start taking care of the gums, what people don't realize is the structure of the gums that hold our teeth are also as important to take care of. I see a lot of patients with severely inflamed gums."

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photographer / Mark Popovich
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