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Using Aloe Vera to Treat Redness

Drew Barrymore Used Aloe Vera to "Suck" the Redness Out of Her Skin

Using Aloe Vera to Treat Redness
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter

Drew Barrymore's Instagram page is a bastion of relatability. The Santa Clarita Diet star and Flower Beauty founder not only shares her favorite beauty products, but she also blesses us with hacks, including how to whiten your tea-stained teeth on the cheap. Drew took to her forum to share a new DIY skincare hack that will have you calling up your local florist to buy aloe vera in bulk.

In a three-picture-long chain, Drew began by confessing that she'd developed a "giant bite or reaction" on her cheek that was "so distracting." Drew opted to rub some aloe vera over the area, as the plant is rich in soothing vitamin E and often cited as a natural skincare savior. But applying just liquid from the inside of the leaf didn't give Drew the results she desired.

As Drew wrote, "Figuring I had nothing to loose, I dug out the meat of the live plant stalk." She placed that "small chunk" directly over her irritated area for around three to four hours, during which she "sat outside with loads of sun block." She wasn't expecting "glamorous" results, and was rather "just a gal doing experiments!" But over time, Drew wrote that she noticed the meat was turning red. To her surprise, "It was actually suctioning out the red from my face."

When Drew finally pulled off the stalk, it had extracted some of her redness, making her mark "noticeably lighter." She repeated the process over the course of the next two days, after which the spot had completely faded. In Drew's opinion, the "natural remedy" worked better than any of the bleaching creams she'd originally tried. Plus, Drew also uses it on "cuts, scrapes, and especially burns."

BRB, somehow developing a green thumb overnight so I can also get in on Mother Nature's good good!

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