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Video of Dad Narrating His Daughter's Makeup Tutorial

This Dad Narrating His Daughter's Makeup Tutorial Is the Laugh You Need Today

The careful and precise narration of makeup tutorials can be difficult . . . especially if you don't know anything about makeup. Recently, many beauty bloggers have taken to asking innocent bystanders — say, their five-year-old daughter, or even their drunk boyfriend — to narrate a tutorial for them. The latest comes from YouTube vlogger Sophia Adler, who asked her sweet dad to voice her latest tutorial.

In her caption, Sophie explained that she upped the ante with this tutorial. She wrote, "I decided to add in a bunch of extra steps to my makeup routine that I typically don't do, just to throw him off and see if he can figure out what I'm doing." Well, that does not goes unnoticed as her dad refers to an orange blending sponge as a "tangerine" and a tube of concealer as a "panda stick." Watch the hysterically inaccurate video above.

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