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Wella Hair Paints Review

Turn Yourself Into a Rainbow Goddess For Less Than $10 With Wella's New Colors

I give in to the pressure any time the opportunity for rainbow hair is dangled in front of my face. I think at this point I've been all over the color spectrum, sometimes done by professionals but usually done at home in my bathroom. (And I have the rainbow-stained sink to prove it.) When new colors and formulas become available from any brand, I'm excited to try them to see just how easy it is to do at home, because honestly, I think at-home rainbow hair is what is most fun. The good news is, Wella's Color Charm Paints will not only be available in Sally's Beauty stores starting in March, but the price point is unbelievable and it's beyond simple to use them at home. I've been using a variety of the colors for the past month, and trust me when I say, this is a color you won't regret purchasing.

The new line of Wella Color Charm paints includes five pastel colors, 10 pure tones, and a clear pastelizer. I've played around with a few of them so far, just to see how it works, and the color has been very user friendly. The first time I used the colors, I did a few peekaboo streaks all over my head in a variety of pinks, purples, and blues. The color has stayed fairly vibrant for three weeks so far, but keep in mind I only shampoo my hair about twice a week at most.

I really went for it with the colors recently, now that I know how it all works, and you guys, the results were so good. I did the under layer of my hair, and I used Blood Orange on my roots and Coral on the ends. I then added in a couple streaks of Teal all around to give it some dimension.

Part of what makes this color so great is that it doesn't bleed past where you put it. I was able to blend the Blood Orange into the Coral but then set that hair down and not worry about laying the next pieces on top of it. I could also paint on the Teal and leave it be, because the color dries fairly quickly as it sets in, which prevents it from moving.

You only have to leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes, and voila, you're done. It rinses out just like any other hair color and leaves your hair feeling good as new.

I've also been told that when the color starts to fade, it just disappears rather than staining your blond strands into something funky, which has always been my least favorite part of rainbow hair.

My results thus far have been a pleasant burst of color on my otherwise fairly boring blond hair. I was also pleasantly surprised with how vibrant the colors turned out considering I did not bleach my hair to start. I just painted over the dark blond I currently have going on and am hopeful that as it fades, it'll fade right back to where I started.

Wella's new colors are foolproof for any level of rainbow-hair fans. You can grab all of them at Sally Beauty starting in March for just $6 each. Yes, they're really only $6 per color.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Hedy Phillips
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