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What Happened When I Stopped Wearing Foundation

I Stopped Wearing Foundation For 2 Weeks and Let My Acne Show — This Is What Happened

Fluid foundation

I have been wearing full-coverage foundation nearly every day since high school. I love the way it gives me an even base for the rest of my makeup, covers my hyperpigmentation and red acne, and makes it look like I'm well rested despite the dark allergy-induced under-eye circles permanently etched on my face.

Despite my love affair with the product, I noticed that about a month ago, my acne was out of control, so I decided to pare back both my skin care and my makeup routine. That meant I left foundation completely out of the picture and used concealer sparsely under my eyes and on any areas that were overly red. No one at work or in my personal life seemed to notice save for a few comments about looking "tired." For the first time since I was 16, I went foundation free for almost two weeks.

While my skin eventually improved, and I enjoyed my quicker morning routine, I felt less put together. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't hate the way my skin looked, but I still longed for the completely even tone that can only be achieved with foundation. Also, because I genuinely love applying makeup, I missed my daily ritual of perfecting my skin and brightening my under eyes.

As soon as my skin calmed down, I eagerly returned to my full-face-of-makeup routine, and now I know for certain that it's what makes me happiest and not something I do out of habit or obligation.

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