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Why Did Dakota Johnson Close Her Gap Tooth?

Yes, Dakota Johnson Is Aware Her Gap Is Gone: "I'm Really Sad About It Too"

Dakota Johnson's Smile Now

Dakota Johnson is lamenting the loss of her gap along with the rest of the internet. After the actress attended a screening in early August, people were quick to take note of the change in her distinctive smile, and now, she's offering an explanation. "It's really stressing me out," Johnson said in an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"I'm really sad about it too."

Here's the backstory for all those oddly invested: like many people who've had braces, Johnson has had a permanent retainer glued to the back of her teeth since she was a teenager. In an effort to figure out the source of recent neck problems, however, her orthodontist suggested that she have the retainer removed. Though it helped ease her neck pain, her teeth moved as a result and the gap "closed by itself." Johnson added: "I'm really sad about it too."

Johnson of course looks great with or without the gap, but she did say she's facing a "whole new world of problems." For example, she's now more susceptible to food getting stuck between her two front teeth. "Before it would just slide right through," Johnson said. Noted!

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