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Woman Gets Eyebrows Tinted Before Going Into Labor

1 Woman Tinted Her Eyebrows While Waiting For Her C-Section at the Hospital

Is there ever a good time to get an eyebrow tint? For mom and Aussie beauty blogger Mollie Makeup that happened to be right before she gave birth to her baby girl. While waiting to get her C-section (the hospital was apparently quite busy), she was bored. So she went wandering around the venue and claims to have found a beauty salon. And since she forgot to get her eyebrows tinted before going to the hospital (as one does), she decided to do it right then and there. She posted this hilarious video on Facebook explaining the situation while the beauty process was happening.

She is not the only woman to share beauty moments prelabor. One woman gave us a peek into her makeup routine prebirth and one writer actually detailed out a list of what to pack before you head to the hospital. Making sure you feel your best before meeting your newborn (and taking pictures!) is important. So we say do what you need to do, ladies! And if that includes an impromptu eyebrow tint, so be it.

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