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Best Beauty Trends From the 2000s

20 Beauty Trends That Every 2000s Kid Will Remember All Too Well

Best Beauty Trends From the 2000s

If you remember bleached tips, heavy lip gloss, side bangs, stick-thin eyebrows, "scrunching" your hair, and frosted eye makeup, then you're apart of the 2000s kid club. Let's be real, this decade was a really interesting time for beauty.

While we welcomed back many '90s beauty trends, we're not too sure any of these popular '00s hair and makeup fads need to make a comeback (except maybe chunky highlights, those can stay). But no matter how cringe-worthy the beauty looks might have been, we still look back on the times with fond memories and boatloads of nostalgia.

Whether you're a true '00s teenager and were born at the start of the millennium, you'll probably be able to relate to these iconic 2000s beauty trends that we rounded up ahead. Warning: the following may make make you want to bust out your tall UGGs, find a Juicy Couture track-suit ASAP, and start crimping your hair — just for fun.

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