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Debby Ryan's Skincare Routine

Debby Ryan Reveals How She Keeps Her Skin Looking Good While Traveling

Debby Ryan's Skincare Routine
Image Source: Getty / Gary Gershoff

Insatiable actress Debby Ryan has been on TV since she was 14 years old, which means she went through her teenage years — acne and all — while in the public eye. "I would get pimples in the first bit in my career, but really when I was like 18 or 19 I started getting cystic, really intense acne, right after I developed Jessie," she said of her Disney channel show. "I went to an esthetician, I went to a dermatologist; I tried to figure everything out." Eventually, Ryan learned the best way to handle acne is to prevent it before it starts.

Ryan made sure to apply a salicylic acid spot treatments before her makeup and asked makeup artists blot her with an oil-blotting paper instead of applying more powder while filming. When her acne got really bad, she'd even wash off her makeup in the middle of the day, apply a mask, and then reapply all of her makeup. "It is so drastic and it requires a lot of time, but also sometimes that is the only thing you can do to get [your skin] back on track," she said.

While it was stressful at the time, now Ryan knows that looking her best can help her perform better at her job. "If you are going in with fresh skin, healthy hair, and a body that can do everything you need it to do, it does set you up to feel the most confident . . . and so the more that you can do to prepare so that you can get out of your own way, in terms of worrying about what you look like, that provides the best work."

It's not always perfect, but she's learned a lot of valuable skincare lessons from the time she started to today. Check them out, ahead.

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