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Best Haircut Trends to Try in 2020

Call Your Stylist: These Are the Biggest Haircut Trends About to Blow Up in 2020

Best Haircut Trends to Try in 2020

Of all the things you might "cut" from your life in the new year — certain foods, old mindsets, that god-awful ex — your hair often feels like the least dramatic, perhaps most cathartic clean break you can make. (Unless, of course, your ex happened to be awful and clingy, in which case: snip snip.) Still, there's nothing like stepping into January with a fresh new haircut that makes subzero temperatures and overcrowded yoga classes seem somewhat more bearable.

The good news about trends in 2020 is that there's plenty of room for personalization. "These days, haircuts are becoming more and more tailored to your face shape, natural texture, and lifestyle," said David Lopez, celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin. "Overall, people are wanting styles that are easy to wear and also make their hair look thick. And because we've seen so many people experiment with vibrant hair colors, it's inspired a slew of people to become more experimental and adventurous with their haircuts."

If that doesn't already sound like the "you do you" mantra you'd like to cling to in the new year, allow Lopez to break down the biggest haircut trends you're about to see blow up your Instagram feed in 2020 ahead. You won't want to shed these ones, we promise.

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