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Hairstyle Trends to Try in Summer 2020

We're Calling It: This Summer is Going to be All About the Ponytail — and These 3 Hair Trends

Hairstyle Trends to Try in Summer 2020

Even if you have turned yourself into something of a Chris Appleton protégé while social distancing (and in which case, please do share your tutorial), the truth is: this summer will see a whole new wave of hairstyle trends, and they're going to look a little different from what you've seen in past.

"The overarching theme of summer hair has always been 'up with no fuss' because it's a carefree season and, as a general rule, people don't want their hair resting on their necks or faces during the hot and humid months," said Devin Toth, NYC-based hairstylist at Salon SCK. "This year is clearly going to be different because it's hard to have a no-fuss mindset when you're wearing a face mask. The majority of hairstyles will still be worn up, but they'll be a lot tighter, cleaner, and longer-lasting than in previous years. They will be up with a lot more intention than last summer." Logistically speaking, thought, when you're wearing a face mask outside, your hair will be the one thing people see. Plus, "when you're on the go and on a mission, the last thing you'll want to worry about is your hair" — so make it a good one with one of these easy hairstyle trends to try this summer, ahead.

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