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Kacey Musgraves Now Has Bangs, and She Looks Damn Good

Kacey Musgraves Looks So Damn Good With Her New Bangs, We've Got Butterflies

Kacey Musgraves Now Has Bangs, and She Looks Damn Good
Image Source: Getty / Manny Carabel

Debating whether you should get bangs or not? Sit back, relax, and allow Kacey Musgraves to convince you to go for it without even saying a word. The 31-year-old singer debuted brand-new curtain bangs at the New York City screening of her Amazon Prime holiday special on Tuesday, and the hairstyle looks absolutely stunning on her. But did you expect anything less?

Musgraves's long, dark, and center-parted hair had become her signature of sorts, always front and center during musical performances
and red carpet appearances. Now, her hair is still as long, extending to just above her hips, but those fresh bangs are fully on display, practically taunting us to reach for a pair of scissors.

Ahead, admire Musgraves's hair switch-up from all angles, and if you're in the mood for more hairspo, relive the rest of her best beauty looks to date right after.

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